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Viking LACT Booster Pumps

Max. Capacity:
210 GPM (7,200 BPD)

Max. Pressure:
1500 PSI

Max. Viscosity:
2500 SSU

Temperature Range:
-40° to 350°F


Back Pull-Out Mechanical Seal

  • Single mechanical seal, accessible via shaft end for ease of maintenance; standard Viking units with spacer coupling allow seal change without moving pump or motor

Hardened Internal Parts

  • Heat treated shaft and spur-type gears minimize wear while increasing service life of pump, which extends pressure capability while minimizing wear for longer pump life
  • Internal parts heat treated for hardness to extend the life of the pump and create a hardened barrier on wear points

No Ball or Roller Element Bearings

  • Heavy duty bushings to support shaft on either side of the gears to eliminate ‘overhung load’ and durable in non- lubrication applications with no outboard bearings to service

SAE Ports for Modularity

  • Designed with modularity in mind, the Viking Booster pump uses SAE J518 Code 61 ports to allow flexibility in porting options with bolt on ANSI flanges to meet the customer requirements

Ductile Iron Externals and Controlled Clearances

  • Complete externals in Ductile Iron for oil field applications and precision machined casings / gear sets to maximize pumping efficiencies and allow for high discharge pressures


LACT Booster Pumps           Ports* Nominal Flow; 0 Pressure Nominal Flow; 750 PSI Max Continuous Pressure Max Recommended Temperature
Ductile Iron Inch GPM GPM PSI Deg. F
GP-41013 2″ SAE 25 20 1500 350
GP-41026 2″ SAE 50 40 1500 350
GP-41415 2″ SAE 55 45 1500 350
GP-41420 2″ SAE 70 55 750 350
GP-41430 2″ SAE 110 85 1500 350
GP-41440 3″ SAE 140 115 750 350
GP-41445 3″ SAE 170 140 1500 350
GP-41455 3″ SAE 195 160 750 350
GP-41460 4″ SAE 210 175 700 350

*2” and 3” SAE ports use J518 Code 61 SAE flange ports. 4” SAE port uses 3000 Series square flange.

*Available as pump only or as complete unit with base, coupling, guards, and motor as a turnkey package